are leaves good for the grass

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  • What are the benefits of leaves on the lawn?

  • According to National Wildlife Federation Naturalist David Mizejewski, 鈥淔allen leaves offer a double benefit. Leaves form a natural mulch that helps suppress weeds and at the same time fertilizes the soil as it breaks down. Why spend money on mulch and fertilizer when you can make your own?鈥?/div>Skip the Rake and Leave the Leaves for a Healthier

  • Do leaves keep weeds out of your lawn?

  • Many gardeners purchase mulch to keep weeds out of their lawn but you can just as easily use your leaves to do the same thing. In addition to keeping your lawn hydrated, they can serve as a decorative touch in place of certain types of mulch.

  • Is it OK to leave leaves on the ground all winter?

  • And while it is at least partially true that excessive amounts of fallen leaves can smother areas of a lawn when they’re left in thick piles all winter, leaving the leaves on the ground as mulch can actually be an effective method of building soil and supporting a healthy yard.

  • Should I mulch the ground with fall leaves?

  • Nature’s autumn bounty of fallen leaves isn’t usually a problem for lawns and gardens, and mulching the ground with them actually helps to feed the soil for a healthier yard.

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