are leaves good for the grass

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  • What are the benefits of leaves on the lawn?

  • According to National Wildlife Federation Naturalist David Mizejewski, 鈥淔allen leaves offer a double benefit. Leaves form a natural mulch that helps suppress weeds and at the same time fertilizes the soil as it breaks down. Why spend money on mulch and fertilizer when you can make your own?鈥?/div>Skip the Rake and Leave the Leaves for a Healthier

  • Is leaf mulch good for lawns?

  • Leaf Mulching. Although some leaf mulch may be beneficial to your lawn, mulching should be done early in the autumn and with frequency, to prevent a thick layer of leaves from building up on the lawn. Leaves left to build up on the grass over the course of a season will do damage to the lawn and will be hard on the mower when it’s finally mulch.

  • Should you leave your leaves on the lawn?

  • Some people say it is a benefit of leaving your leaves on the lawn and this is true but you do have to do it correctly, you certainly don鈥檛 want to leave a thick layer of leaves across your lawn.

  • What happens if you don鈥檛 rake the leaves off your lawn?

  • If you don鈥檛 rake the leaves off your lawn over winter it can lead to a number of problems and an unhealthy lawn. If you leave a thick layer of leaves over your lawn all winter it can have the effect of smothering the grass and as grass needs to breathe this can be bad news.

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