are palm trees grass

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  • Is a palm tree a real tree?

  • Palms are not trees, real trees have secondary growth, that is growth in diameter. The palms have only primary growth. The vascular cambium activity is the key to differentiate trees of herbs.

  • What are the characteristics of a palm tree?

  • Palm tree trunks are much more flexible than conifer and deciduous tree trunks [4]. These first two characteristics are very useful in places that experience high winds with regularity, like the hurricane-ridden tropics where palms are found. Palm trees are evergreen – they never drop their leaves [5].

  • Why don鈥檛 palm trees display secondary growth?

  • Palms do not display secondary growth because palms are actually more closely related to grasses than any species you would likely think of as a 鈥渢ree鈥?(maples, oaks, a Christmas pine/fir, etc.). Palm trees also don鈥檛 have any branches, which isn鈥檛 very tree-like, furthering the argument against their classification as a tree.

  • Do palm trees have rings?

  • On the right is a cross-section of a palm tree. There are no visible rings because palms trees do not gain girth over time. They remain one thickness throughout their life, thus they do not experience secondary growth (Source: Kadeve via Wikipedia ). So what鈥檚 the verdict? Can we call palm trees 鈥渢rees鈥?or should we rename them?

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