can atrazine be used on bermuda grass

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Should not be used on Bermuda grass

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  • When should I apply Simazine to my Bermuda grass?

  • Simazine can be applied when the bermudagrass is nearly dormant, but atrazine and glyphosate must be applied when the bermudagrass is 100-percent brown and dormant, or injury may result that will affect spring green-up. Another factor to consider is annual bluegrass resistance to simazine and atrazine.

  • Can you use tranxit on Bermuda grass?

  • TranXit (rimsulfuron) or Revolver (foramsulfuron) can be used for postemergence annual bluegrass control later in the winter or early spring. Other postemergence herbicides used for annual bluegrass control on bermudagrass greens should only be used at your own risk.

  • How do you treat bluegrass resistant to triazine?

  • Tank-mixing triazine herbicides with other modes of action, such as glyphosate, could improve the potential for control if resistance is suspected. Also, don鈥檛 apply Xonerate if you suspect your annual bluegrass biotype is resistant to simazine or atrazine.

  • What is the best Winter Weed control strategy for Bermuda grass?

  • Xonerate is fairly safe on creeping bentgrass, so any drift or tracking to the green would be less injurious than most other herbicides used for postemergence annual bluegrass control in bermudagrass. Q: What winter weed control strategy works well in dormant bermudagrass tees and fairways?

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