can guinea pigs eat grass hay

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  • Can guinea pigs eat grass?

  • Yes, guinea pigs can eat grass since it contains some helpful nutrients. However, it can鈥檛 replace hay since hay has roughage and nutrients your piggies can鈥檛 get in any other foods. Grass from the lawn may also contain pesticides, weed killers, or any other chemicals that may be harmful to cavies.

  • What kind of hay can guinea pigs eat?

  • There are two types of hay you can feed your guinea pigs 鈥?grass hay or legume hay. Grass hay is the best option since it has the necessary amounts of proteins, calcium, and it keeps your piggy鈥檚 calorie levels at the desired levels.

  • Can guinea pigs eat oats?

  • This hay is not commonly used to feed guinea pigs, but this hay has long stems with oats attached at the end and tends to be a yellower color than other types of hay. It contains a higher amount of fiber, fat, and protein than most of the others in the list, and should only be fed once in a while.

  • Can guinea pigs eat alfalfa?

  • Guinea pigs love all types of grass, although it鈥檚 not recommended to let them eat Lucerne (alfalfa) or Clover, not even dried alfalfa and clover hay, as these are too high in protein and calcium, which is not safe for guinea pigs.

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