can i cut the grass after seeding

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  • How long after planting grass seed can you cut it?

  • In the end, I recommend that you wait for at least two to three weeks or until your grass measures at least three inches high before mowing your lawn. Allow the grass seed to germinate before you cut to prevent damage.

  • How much should I cut off my grass after overseeding?

  • So, if your grass grows to 3 inches, I recommend that you cut off 1 inch after overseeding. Step 4: Take your time when mowing your lawn to avoid damaging the fragile new grass. When turning your lawn mower, move slowly and carefully to prevent uprooting the grass.

  • Can I mow my lawn after overseeding?

  • It鈥檚 important to mow your lawn after overseeding but only after the new grass seed has grown to about 3.5 inches tall. Avoid mowing the turf immediately after overseeding, as this will stress out the new grass and affect its growth. New grass needs time for proper root development before it can be mowed.

  • How high should I cut my grass to go to seed?

  • Letting your grass grow tall enough to go to seed means you must mow it in stages. Cutting off more than one-third of the blade height at once can stress the grass and kill it. If the blades are 9 inches high, you can mow only 3 inches off the top, leaving it 6 inches tall.

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