can i walk on grass after seeding

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  • How long after planting grass seeds can you walk on it?

  • How Long After Planting Grass Seeds Can You Walk on It? It鈥檚 best not to walk on your newly planted grass until you have had the chance to mow your lawn at least 3-5 times. It can take roughly 3 months for your lawn to grow enough to mow several times and walk on it.

  • Is it safe to walk on newly seeded lawns?

  • Avoidance is always best, but when necessary, use common sense and travel as lightly and as briefly over newly seeded areas to give all your seeds a chance to sprout. Take a look at the pros and cons below before deciding for yourself if you wish to walk on your newly seeded lawn.

  • When can I mow my newly seeded lawn?

  • When to Mow Newly Seeded Grass It is better to mow your lawn after 60 days of planting your seeds. Or, make it a point that your grass has grown more than 3.5 inches before you mow it. Remember, it takes up to 30 days for your seeds to grow into grass.

  • How many times should you Mow Your New Grass before you walk?

  • Most grass species can grow and produce a robust root system within that time, giving them enough stability to hold up underfoot. Before you can walk on your newly seeded lawn, you should mow it several times. Follow these general rules to produce optimal grass growth before you walk on it. 1. Wait For Grass to Grow at Least Three to Four Inches

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