can kittens eat cat grass

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  • Is it OK for my Cat to eat grass?

  • If you take your cat out on a harness, don鈥檛 let him eat just any old grass. Grass outdoors runs the risk of having toxins from pesticides! As always, make sure all the plants in your home are nontoxic to cats. If kitty is used to eating cat grass from a planter, he may think it鈥檚 OK to ingest other indoor plants, too.

  • Why does my cat like cat grass?

  • That’s right, she may enjoy having cat grass. Despite being obligate carnivores (that is, they have to eat meat in order to get their necessary nutrients), cats like to munch on plants for a variety of reasons. But what is cat grass, you may be asking?

  • How do you grow cat grass in Your House?

  • Place the cat grass in a warm spot in your house that gets indirect sun. Avoid placing cat grass in direct sunlight, which can burn the grass. Don鈥檛 let your cat eat the cat grass until it grows tall enough (about 4 to 6 inches high).

  • Why do cats like to eat green stuff?

  • Even if they鈥檙e fed a highly nutritious diet, most every cat enjoys chomping on many varieties of the green stuff, and there are good reasons for this proclivity. Why do cats eat grass? Cats eat grass for digestive aid.

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