can kittens eat cat grass

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  • Is it OK for cats to eat grass?

  • In addition to being a tasty treat for cats, cat grass can be healthy and beneficial. Dr. 鈥淓ating certain types of grass or plants can aid cats with their digestion,鈥?says Richardson, adding that regularly nibbling on cat grass can help relieve constipation, and assist in the removal of non-digestible materials (like furballs).

  • How do you grow cat grass in Your House?

  • Place the cat grass in a warm spot in your house that gets indirect sun. Avoid placing cat grass in direct sunlight, which can burn the grass. Don鈥檛 let your cat eat the cat grass until it grows tall enough (about 4 to 6 inches high).

  • Can cats eat lemongrass?

  • This may cause your feline to over-eat, which can cause mild symptoms. Lemongrass is considered toxic to cats, but only in massive quantities. It is nearly impossible for any cat to eat enough to get seriously ill. Most cases are incredibly mild and clear up on their own.

  • What is cat grass for cats?

  • Cat grass, sometimes called kitty grass, is a special cat-safe grass intended to be used as a treat or snack for your indoor cat. Cat grass can be purchased already grown, or you can buy kits with trays or bags of seeds for you to water and sprout yourself right in the container.

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