can peat moss be used to cover grass seed

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  • When should I add peat moss to my lawn?

  • Peat moss can be added to seeds immediately after planting or after the seeds have germinated. No matter what stage the grass seeds are at, cover the area with about 1/4 inch of peat moss.

  • Does peat moss cover weeds and weeds?

  • Seeds can, after all, look rather tasty to a bird. And unlike other materials used to cover grass seed, such as straw, peat moss doesn’t contain any weed seeds and is cost-effective for covering large areas. What Is Peat Moss?

  • How do you plant grass seed with peat moss?

  • Spread the grass seed over the damp soil evenly. Use your hands or seed spreader to spread the seeds. Plant the seeds 1/2 inch deep in the soil. Lay peat moss 1/3 inch thick on top of the grass seed. The peat moss will help protect the grass seed from birds, winds and overwatering.

  • Does peat moss prevent birds from eating grass seed?

  • One challenge with planting new grass seed is keeping it adequately moist and protected from birds until it germinates. There are multiple ways to protect the seeds, one of which is spreading a mulch, such as peat moss, on top of it. The peat moss naturally retains water, which increases the success rate of the seed.

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