can u put sod over grass

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  • Can you lay new sod over existing grass?

  • If sod is laid over existing grass, the roots will have to work hard to get to the soil, and they may be unsuccessful. Then, you鈥檒l see your brand new sod start to yellow and die within just a few weeks.

  • How do you lay sod on top of topsoil?

  • Sprinkle a thin layer of topsoil onto the soil for some added nutrients. Lastly, water the soil lightly to dampen it before laying your sod. Start flush against the edge of your existing grass and roll out your sod onto the prepared soil in sections.

  • Will my new sod Kill my Old Sod?

  • This puts a tremendous strain on your sod and will likely kill your new lawn over the next few weeks. Once your new sod has died on top of your previous lawn, you’ll now have to remove two layers of sod to get any new grass to take root.

  • How do you fertilize a lawn before laying sod?

  • You can then rake your yard, and if you鈥檙e not laying sod across your whole yard, you can mark out the area where the sod will go. Next, till the soil in your yard using a mechanized tiller. This will break up your existing grass, including the roots. Apply starter fertilizer to your newly tilled soil. Sod needs its own fertilizer .

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