can you buy patches of grass

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  • How to repair damaged grass and cut a patch?

  • Here鈥檚 how to cut out damaged grass and cut a sod patch that fits perfectly in its place: Lay a piece of sod over the bad spot and slice through both the sod and the damaged turf below with a sharp spade. Then dig out the bad spot and plug in the new sod.

  • How do you start a new patch with grass?

  • Although grass can occur naturally, the player can choose to start a new patch using Grass Starter. This will place a single tuft of grass, which will spread into additional tufts over time.

  • Can you fix patchy grass and green up your yard?

  • But don鈥檛 let that bring you down, because there are some quick, easy fixes you can make to revitalize your lawn and keep it looking lush. In this article I鈥檒l explain how to fix patchy grass and green up your yard so you can enjoy the lush green carpet you鈥檝e always wanted.

  • Why is my grass dying in patches?

  • Why Is My Grass Dying In Patches? And What To Do About It Grass dies when the roots are cut off from nutrients and water. This is because the soil doesn鈥檛 receive enough food or water. Just like you, I work hard to maintain a lush and healthy lawn.

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