can you cut grass when it is wet

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When grass is wet,it鈥檚 more likely to bend when a mower passes over it. This means that many blades of grass may not be cut at all. Cutting wet grass can leave your lawnwith an uneven cut. Thankfully,you don鈥檛 need to wait until your grass has dried completely to mow it after a rainfall.

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  • Can I cut my lawn when it鈥檚 wet?

  • Lawn diseases usually spread in patches and that is why cutting grass when it is wet is not recommended. Wet blades of the mower easily carry disease-causing agents and transfer them onto freshly-cut grass blades. The rate of spreading turfgrass diseases is higher when you mow immediately after rain or during rain.

  • Can you cut grass in the rain?

  • So to answer your question can you cut grass in the rain, the answer is no. It鈥檚 not a good idea to cut the grass when it鈥檚 wet. The task is not only harder to carry out, but it鈥檚 also messy and it can hurt your lawn.

  • What to do with wet grass after mowing?

  • Prepare to clear the clumps of wet clippings off the lawn to prevent diseases. If you鈥檙e using a push-behind lawn mower, it will take a lot of energy to cut a small area because of the slippery turf as well as the clogging mower. It is best to cut wet grass using a gas-powered mower with a powerful motor.

  • How to cut wet grass with a lawn mower blade?

  • The half position of the blade should be over the uncut grass area and the remaining half over the cut portion. This will ensure that the blade has a restricted quantity of wet grass to push from the mower鈥檚 side. Switch off the mower frequently and let the blades come to a halt.

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