can you juice grass

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  • Is it safe to juice grass?

  • Most grasses are not toxic and many mammals survive on it. A person can juice lawn grass just like they juice wheatgrass. Wheatgrass is just juicier. I looked up the nutrients in 1 oz of wheatgrass, it had 8 grams of protein and the vitamins and minerals were off the charts, as in thousands of % higher than what the FDA says we should have.

  • How do you make your own grass juice?

  • I just go out and pick the youngest, most vibrant looking grass nearby, cut it into smaller pieces with a scissors, blend it in a blender with water, strain, and add lime and/or honey to taste. It tastes so much better than wheatgrass juice and it is something you could serve to anybody, even kids!

  • Can you drink wheatgrass juice?

  • The most common way to consume wheatgrass is to drink its juice. When the grass is a few inches tall, it can be cut and juiced. The beverage does have an intense grass flavor, so consider adding it to a smoothie or mixing it with vegetable juices.

  • Can I juice the same grass for chickens?

  • I also noticed that all the chickens love eating our lawn grass. When they were deprived of the grass they were always sick and since we now let them graze they are now healthy and strong. My intuition kept telling me to try juicing the same grass so I finally grabbed a fist full and threw it into the blender.

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