can you mow grass with morning dew

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Do not

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  • What time of day is it best to mow the grass?

  • At early in the morning (6 am to 8 am), the dew stays with the grass鈥檚 body, and the grass is wet. If you mow your grass with the mower, the grass can be broken and damaged.

  • Is it OK to Mow Your Lawn with dew on it?

  • Unfortunately, if you mow your grass while there is still dew on the ground, there is a risk of damaging your lawn mower. Wet grass clumps, meaning it can clog your lawn mower and make the job unpleasant and much harder than normal.

  • What happens if you Mow wet grass in the morning?

  • Clumps of wet grass will clog up your mower and block out sunlight on your lawn, making mowing very, very unpleasant. If you wait a few hours until the sun rises higher and dries the grass, you鈥檒l have a much easier, safer time mowing while also doing a better job.

  • Is it OK to Mow Your Lawn when it is raining?

  • While it鈥檚 best to mow when the grass is dry, if it鈥檚 been raining for a week straight and the grass has grown too high, you鈥檒l have many of the same problems mowing as you would if you mowed wet grass. Too long grass also clumps and makes the engine work harder.

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