can you mow monkey grass

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  • Can you plant monkey grass in your yard?

  • You can plant monkey grass as edging plants, perennial flowering border grass, lawn substitute, shade-loving plant for under shrubs, or prevent soil erosion. There are two main types of monkey grass plants common in residential gardens: clumping monkey grass plants and creeping plants.

  • Can you cut back monkey grass in the spring?

  • Pruning monkey grass or trimming back monkey grass isn鈥檛 too complicated. It will start to grow by mid-spring. If you want to know when to cut back monkey grass, you can cut the plants back to 3 inches (8 cm.) in early spring.

  • How often do you have to dig up monkey grass?

  • As long as you occasionally water the plants, and weed throughout the growing season, you won鈥檛 get very many issues with your monkey grass plants. The plants grow readily, and to contain their spread, the gardener will need to dig up the monkey grass every 3-years and divide the roots.

  • How much water does a monkey grass need?

  • Monkey grass doesn鈥檛 need much water to thrive in the garden, which is one of the reasons why it鈥檚 such a drought-resistant plant. If you overwater the plant, and the soil does not drain the water away effectively, root rot will eventually show up in your monkey grass.

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