can you mow wet grass with an electric mower

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  • Can you cut wet grass with an electric lawn mower?

  • If you decide to trim wet grass in your lawn with an electric lawn mower, then you are inviting trouble for yourself as well as your electric lawn mower. No matter how great your urge to cut the wet grass, you should not go for it. Make sure you read the following reasons as to why mowing wet grass with your electric mower is not a good move.

  • Should You Mow Your Lawn with an electric mower?

  • When it comes to using electric mowers, both wet and damp are adverse conditions. The best condition should be dry. Here are very helpful tips to see if you should mow or not with an electric mower. There鈥檚 a very simple test to check how wet your lawn is. First, take a walk across the yard, ideally walking along a flat area.

  • What happens if your electric lawn mower gets wet?

  • There鈥檚 a high likelihood that your electric lawn mower has some rust-susceptible components that will be damaged if water droplets or damp grass clippings get caught in them. Clumps of wet grass also pose another danger in that they become more difficult to remove as time goes on and can cause blockages if not dealt with immediately.

  • Should I mow my lawn wet or dry?

  • Wet grass is hard to mow to a smart cut, and it will overstrain the mowers, and you鈥檒l end up with a poorly mowed lawn besides. The overstrain on equipment will result in a more frequent need for replacements or overall halting of the entire mower within far reduced lifespans. Dry grass is easy to mow, and you have a low risk of uprooting it.

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