can you plant perennial grasses in pots

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  • Can ornamental grasses grow well in pots?

  • Ornamental grasses can grow well in pots, assuming the soil and water requirements, and temperature hardiness of the grass you choose, align with the other plants in the container.

  • What kind of grass should I plant in my container?

  • Enjoy adding perennial ornamental grasses (like Big Blue Liriope or Dwarf Fountain Grass) to your year-round containers, or add annual grasses (like Fiber Optic Grass or Fireworks Fountain Grass) to perennial or annual containers. Whether a grass is annual or perennial in your growing zone depends on its cold hardiness and heat tolerance.

  • How to grow grass in potting soil?

  • The best thing about grasses is they can tolerate poor soil as well as rich soil. You can grow these in your regular potting soil or make a mix of one part compost, one part soil, and one part perlite or coarse sand for making an excellent growing medium for grass.

  • How do you care for ornamental grass in pots?

  • Caring For Ornamental Grass in Planters If growing a perennial grass, cut it back to about 4 to 6 inches above soil level in spring. Just replace any grass that did not tolerate winter cold and fails to come back in spring. Or grow an ornamental grass alone in a container and place it where the sun and breezes strike the long blades.

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