can you put cement over grass

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  • How to pour concrete over grass?

  • How to Pour Concrete Over Grass 1 Prepare the grassed area of your property by tilling the ground. … 2 Prepare your concrete by slowly mixing water with your dry concrete. Use a shovel to fold the mix the concrete into the water. 3 Build forms (if you have not already built them), which will hold your concrete in place. … More items…

  • How do you lay grass seed on concrete?

  • How Do You Lay Grass On Concrete? 1 Check if there is any loose concrete on the area you wish to build your lawn on. … 2 Apply at least 4 inches of topsoil to the concrete area. … 3 Fertilizing the topsoil is the next step you should take. … 4 Maintain the area and make sure there is good drainage, which allows your grass to grow on concrete.

  • Should you remove concrete before planting grass?

  • Nevertheless, it may be a good idea to remove the concrete first, as it will guarantee the best result. If it is not possible, make sure there is enough topsoil and proper drainage. Besides, growing grass may break down concrete over the years provided it has enough fertilizer, water, and nutrients.

  • Can You Lay turf on concrete?

  • Lawn grass has a shallow root system, so you can put grass seed or lay turf on concrete if you cover it with at least 4 inches of soil. However, do not forget that you will have to water such a lawn pretty well in dry weather.

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