can you put grass over a french drain

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  • Can You Put Dirt in front of a French drain?

  • Installing dirt will clog the pipe and the holes, rendering it useless. Instead, wrap the French drain and surrounding aggregate rock in a commercial grade permeable material like landscaping fabric. These layers will protect the pipe from surrounding soil while allowing water to flow easily into the drain pipe.

  • Does a French drain pipe need to be sloped?

  • Does a French drain need to be sloped? A French drain system will need to be installed with at least a 1% slope in the direction you need the water to flow. Without a slope, water will collect in the drainage pipe and sit there rather than move toward your pop-up valve or exit point. Where should French drain end?

  • Why do French drains fail?

  • The most common reason French drain systems fail is poor installation. The landscaping construction company who installs your French drain needs to make sure the proper slope is determined so water flows continuously and consistently to the pop-up valve or exit. Another common failure is the pipe perforations become clogged with dirt and debris.

  • How much drainage fabric do I need for a French drain?

  • Industry standard for French drains are 4 to 4.5 ounce Nonwoven drainage fabric. Avoid using socked wrapped perforated pipe alone without drainage fabric as it will easily clog with dirt/soil. 4.

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