can you put grass seed down in the fall

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  • Can I plant grass seed in the fall?

  • For people who choose to sow grass seed late in the Fall you have to check soil temps to make sure they are above 45 degrees and you will need to prepare the soil well to ensure the quickest germination speed and consistency possible for the seed you lay down.

  • Should I overseed my lawn in the fall?

  • In fact, overseeding with grass seed and fertilizer in the fall can make your lawn up to 49% thicker next spring* and it will be better able to resist weeds and summer stresses. Most Canadian lawns are a blend of perennial ryegrass, Kentucky Bluegrass, and fescues.

  • Can you just throw grass seed on the lawn?

  • But, if you want a truly lush green lawn, you should know that it鈥檚 going to require a bit more care. While the seed is going to sprout if you just throw it on the surface of the lawn, you should know that there are a few negative effects of planting the seeds in this manner.

  • Is it too late to lay down grass seed?

  • Do it too soon, and warm weather can prevent the seeds from growing properly. Do it too late, and the seed will lay dormant until the weather warms up. Laying down grass seed depends on the type of grass seed. Cool season grasses should be laid down in late summer and early fall.

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