can you put lime on grass seed

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Lime pellets and grass seedcan be applied at the same timeto help simplify the maintenance process. Choose a time in the fall or early spring to apply lime and grass seed. While winter is a good time to apply lime,fall and spring are optimal times for seeding.

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  • Is lime good for grass seed?

  • The main reason to apply lime to your lawn is to raise the pH level. The ideal pH for grass is between 6 and 7. If your soil is too acidic, the grass will not be able to absorb essential nutrients. This leads to yellowing and dying of the grass blades.

  • Can You Seed and lime at the same time?

  • Sowing Grass Seed. Sow lawn grass seed in the fall, especially when over-seeding an existing lawn. Autumnal climate, moisture and soil conditions are most favorable for establishing new growth that will mature during the following warm season. You can apply lime at the same time. Alternately, follow a one-year plant.

  • Can I put lime on my lawn in the spring?

  • Sowing Grass Seed. You can apply lime at the same time. Alternately, follow a one-year plant. Apply lime in early spring, seed new lawns or over-sow existing ones in fall and apply lime again in early spring. This method works well for soils that are significantly acidic.

  • How do you spread pelleted lime on a lawn?

  • Add pelleted lime to the hopper of a seed spreader. Adjust the dispersal rate of the spreader based on the results from the soil test. Apply no more than 50 pounds of pelleted lime per 1,000 square feet of lawn as a rule of thumb. Keep in mind that too much lime can be as bad for grass as not enough.

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