do cats need grass in their diet

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  • Why do cats eat grass?

  • The top three ones are as follows: 1. Helps with stomach upset One of the most common theories behind why do cats eat grass is that it helps with stomach upset. This is linked to the fact that they tend to throw up after they eat it, as cat鈥檚 actually lack the appropriate enzymes needed to digest grass.

  • Do cats need to eat grains?

  • Even the National Research Council’s Subcommittee on Cat Nutrition states that 鈥o known dietary carbohydrate requirement exists for the cat鈥?quot; And really, if you consider feline physiology and what the species has been eating for thousands of years, it makes perfect sense that grains shouldn’t be part of the cat’s diet.

  • Can I give my Cat oat grass?

  • Specialty retailers sell wheat or oat grass kits designed for in-home use. If your cat begins to eat large amounts of grass or wants to eat grass every day, consult your veterinarian.

  • What do Cat鈥檚 Eat?

  • Cats are carnivores, which means they eat mostly meat. House cats evolved from hunters who ate high amounts of protein and some fat and carbohydrates. They still need the same type of diet today.

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