do you have to plant grass seed

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  • How to plant grass seed in soil?

  • The ideal soil pH for most grass types is between 6.0 and 7.0. If your soil is too acidic (pH under 6.0), add ground limestone to the soil. If your soil is too alkaline (pH over 7.0), add compost, composted manure, or sulfur to the soil. No matter what you add, be sure to follow all product instructions. 4. Prepare Your Soil

  • Do you have to rake grass seed before planting?

  • Remember, lawn grass seeds only need to be lightly raked into the soil, or even just scattered directly on the soil surface. Any seeds buried more than the length of the seed will have a hard time germinating successfully. Another germination problem arises when people apply mulch too thick to the seeded area.

  • Can I seed my lawn anytime?

  • Yes; but there is more to know when seeding your lawn. Grass seed is resilient. Some seeds on the soil鈥檚 surface will sprout in spite of harsh treatment, but the germination rate will diminish and you will waste your investment and hard work.

  • Can you plant grass seed in the fall?

  • You can sow grass seed in spring or autumn. If sowing in autumn, the seed will germinate quickly as the ground is warm and moist. Germination may be slightly slower in spring. Prepare the soil well by digging over, removing weeds and raking level.

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