do you have to plant grass seed

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  • Can you plant grass seed in a weedy lawn?

  • Grass seed can be planted in a weedy lawn. However, if the weeds are very thick, you will get better results if you deal with the weeds first. If there are just a few weeds, pull the largest ones, then apply the grass seed. How can I prevent weeds when planting grass? We鈥檝e all heard the saying, 鈥淎n ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!鈥?/div>Planting Grass Seed Over Existing Weeds | Obsessed Lawn

  • How is grass seed planted?

  • The planting of the seeds happens with a grass seeder or spreader. These are either hand machines or a machine attached to a push bar. They both do the trick. The aeration of the soil allows for the seeds to fall and places the seeds just below the soil.

  • When is the best time to plant grass seed?

  • The middle of summer is also the worst time to plant grass seed. Weeds will dominate any thin areas of lawns! Try to catch thin areas of the lawn in the spring when the weeds are just starting to take over. This is a great time to apply new grass seed and choke out the weeds! The weeds will win the battle for your yard in the summer.

  • How to plant grass on fill dirt?

  • The Process of Planting Grass On Fill Dirt 1. Time It Right 2. Choose The Right Seed 3. Prepare The Soil 4. Even Out The Surface 5. Improve Soil Quality 6. Seed and Feed 7. Add More Soil 8. Water

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