do you have to remove grass before pouring concrete

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  • Can You pour concrete on grass?

  • Pouring concrete on grass is something that you have to weigh the pros and cons before considering carrying out such a project. Can you Pour concrete over grass? You should not directly pour concrete over grass.

  • Do I have to remove the grass from my driveway?

  • Yes, you have to remove it. Otherwise, once the grass decomposes, you will have voids. Causing the concrete to crack, destablise from being on anuneven surface, and eventually bits of concrete breaking away.

  • Do you put gravel down before or after concrete?

  • However, you should really put down a gravel base before pouring the concrete or it will not hold up longterm. your supposed to pour concrete on a hard, tampered surface. if it鈥檚 grass, then your supposed to put a layer of gravel down first and tamper it down to compact it.

  • How do I prepare my concrete before pouring?

  • In order to avoid problems with the concrete down the road, it is important to establish a clean, level base for the concrete before your pour. This includes removing rocks and organic matter such as leaves, grass, twigs, plants and tree roots from the pouring area. What About the Roots?

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