do you put fertilizer down before grass seed

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  • Should I fertilize before or after seeding grass?

  • When seeding grass, the order in which you add the fertilizer and seeds doesn’t matter, but adding fertilizer at the time you seed a lawn is important. You can combine the fertilizer and seed and broadcast them together, or you can broadcast the seed and fertilizer separately, one immediately following the other.

  • How to fertilize a new lawn?

  • It is high time to get into soil fertilizer and water. In this time, use the starter fertilizer because it does not have any weed control, and this fertilizer is very suitable for this new grass growing environment. If you apply another fertilizer, your lawn will not germinate accurately.

  • When to apply fertilizer after overseed?

  • You may also plan to apply fertilizer after a certain time later from the overseeding on your lawn. You need to give attention to the seed germination and their growth so that you can apply starter fertilizer according to the grass type you like to grow.

  • What happens if you fertilize grass seed without a starter?

  • With the fertilizer (if not a starter) and seeds applied simultaneously, the seeds will not develop at all, no matter how much you water it or moisten it or look after it. Should I fertilize when I plant grass seed? No, it is not advisable to fertilize soil while planting seeds.

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