does bahia grass reseed itself

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  • Is bahiagrass a good lawn?

  • Bahiagrass is a low-maintenance lawn grass that does well with limited water and fertilizer inputs. Varieties currently available do not produce a carpet-like, dense lawn like some other warm-season lawn grasses. Figure 1. Bahiagrass sprig. Bahiagrass forms an extensive, deep root system.

  • What happens if you leave Bahia grass unmowed?

  • If left unmowed, bahiagrass can reseed itself from the seed heads that it produces, especially during the long days of summer (Figure 2). It has relatively few disease and insect problems.

  • Can You overseed bahiagrass?

  • Seeding is best done in spring, as growth accelerates. Overseed existing thin lawns at the same time. However, the warm, moderate winters in Bahia’s limited area offer some flexibility. Mow Bahiagrass lawns at the recommended height of 2 to 3 inches to improve stress tolerance and encourage deep roots.

  • How does Bahia grass seed germinate?

  • Bahiagrass seed germinates slowly but establishes well, so you can enjoy the benefits of starting a lawn from seed. Common Bahia’s naturally open growth habit makes it vulnerable to weeds when young. Part of its slow, steady growth comes through short, above-ground stems known as stolons.

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