does bahia grass reseed itself

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  • Is Bahia grass right for your lawn?

  • Finding durable, attractive lawn grasses can sometimes be a struggle, particularly in areas of the deep South or the Gulf. If you are struggling with sandy, poor, acidic soil and are unsure where to turn for a luscious lawn, look no further than bahia grass.

  • How do you take care of Bahia grass seed?

  • Maintaining Your Bahia Grass Lawn Bahia grass should be fed 2-4 times per year starting in spring, after it greens up, through fall. When you feed, be sure to use a product that contains iron, like Scotts GreenMAX鈩?Lawn Food, especially if the soil pH is higher than 7.

  • Can You overseed bahiagrass?

  • Seeding is best done in spring, as growth accelerates. Overseed existing thin lawns at the same time. However, the warm, moderate winters in Bahia’s limited area offer some flexibility. Mow Bahiagrass lawns at the recommended height of 2 to 3 inches to improve stress tolerance and encourage deep roots.

  • Is Bahia hard to grow from seed?

  • It’s not hard to grow bahiagrass from seed, but patience is key. This grass has a long and variable germination time. Once established, however, bahia is hardy and durable. The best time to plant your seeds is in the spring, but fall seeding is possible in hot climates.

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