does cat grass help with hairballs

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  • What is the best hairball remedy for cats?

  • For our fish-loving cat friends, the Hartz Hairball Remedy is a salmon-flavored gel that you can dab on your feline friend鈥檚 paws or nose for them to lick off. Along with promoting a healthy digestive system, this gel also contains omega-3, -6, and -9 oils and vitamin E to keep your cat鈥檚 skin and fur in tip-top shape.

  • Why do cats eat grass to pass hairballs?

  • Grass is one of the most effective plants in helping cats pass hairballs. Cats with a hairball that needs to come out commonly chew on grass. While the exact reason for this behavior is still unknown, it鈥檚 thought that cats eat grass to help them vomit.

  • Is hairball gel safe for cats?

  • The gel is sweetened with caramel and malt syrup, neither of which are great for cats. This well-regarded brand has been in the hairball gel business for over 25 years. The gel contains petrolatum as the first ingredient. Petroleum jelly is mixed with a blend of mineral oil and soybean oil.

  • How to grow grass for cats to eat?

  • Instead, grow your own cat-safe grass for your feline to munch on whenever it needs help passing a hairball. To do so: Find a container and make some drainage holes almost to the top with moist potting soil. Place seeds on top of the soil. Place more potting soil over the seeds. Use warm tap water to water the soil and seeds.

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