does cat grass help with hairballs

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  • How can I prevent my cat from getting hairballs?

  • A high-fiber diet can help prevent the formation of hairballs. Lucy’s Cat Grass sells a variety of seed kits and seeds for growing cat grass for your pet including oat grass, wheat grass and our very own unique variety, Lucy’s Special Buck Oat Grass, which greatly reduces the coughing up of hairballs.

  • Why do cats eat grass to pass hairballs?

  • Grass is one of the most effective plants in helping cats pass hairballs. Cats with a hairball that needs to come out commonly chew on grass. While the exact reason for this behavior is still unknown, it鈥檚 thought that cats eat grass to help them vomit.

  • What is the best over the counter medicine for cat hairballs?

  • Many over the counter remedies are flavored petroleum jelly. 9. Cat Grass: What is a better source of fiber than grass. Grass is good for your cat, acts as a natural stomach soother, and can help move hairballs through the system by adding fiber to their diet.

  • How to grow grass for cats to eat?

  • Instead, grow your own cat-safe grass for your feline to munch on whenever it needs help passing a hairball. To do so: Find a container and make some drainage holes almost to the top with moist potting soil. Place seeds on top of the soil. Place more potting soil over the seeds. Use warm tap water to water the soil and seeds.

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