does chicken eat grass

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  • Do chickens really not eat grass?

  • The chickens don’t have to worry about where their next feed comes from either! John Dunn CEO of Egg Farmers Australia, has been quoted as saying Hens don’t eat grass, it causes compaction which leads to disease and death in this recent news article entitled Egg farmers hit back at what they call myths about their industry.

  • What do chickens eat?

  • What do Chickens Eat? Chickens are omnivores, just like us. This means that naturally, they would eat seeds, plants, insects, earthworms, snails, small animals such as frogs, mice, and even some snakes. They are also great opportunists, happy to peck at a carcass or forage grass seeds.

  • Is it OK for chickens to eat grits?

  • This is absolutely fine for them to eat as much as they like. The grit will help digest it but there shouldn’t be a problem and grass is good for them. I have had many many chicks with hens over the years as well as free ranging my flock on grass and have never had a bird with an impacted crop from grass.

  • Why do chickens kill grass?

  • When chickens eat, chickens poop. There is a lot of nitrogen in chicken droppings, and grass hates nitrogen. Within the span of a week, a flock of chickens can lay enough of a layer of droppings to kill all the grass. It smothers the grass, killing the current grass and preventing future grass from sprouting.

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