does fountain grass come back

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A: Common purple fountain grasswill come back in South Georgia and Floridabut not here.Pennisetum setaceum 鈥楻ubrum鈥?rarely survives Atlanta winters. In contrast, the new P. setaceum 鈥楶rince鈥?has come back, albeit slowly, in my garden for two years running.

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  • Does purple fountain grass come back every year?

  • But will Purple Fountain Grass return every year? Purple Fountain Grass is a tender perennial plant that will die back during the winter but can return and grow back during the spring. This will depend on the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone you live in, as some winters are too harsh for this plant, and it will not grow back, requiring a replant.

  • Does fountain grass die in winter?

  • A little extra attention gets ‘Fireworks’ through winter, regardless of your location. ‘Fireworks’ fountain grass dies back after temperatures drop to freezing in winter and reappears in spring in USDA zones 9 and 10. Not for the shy, ‘Fireworks’ variegated fountain grass produces vivid color.

  • Can fountain grass grow in full sun?

  • Mature fountain grass plants may get up to 4 feet (1 m.) wide. This is a really versatile plant that tolerates full sun to partial shade, walnut proximity, and moist to slightly dry soils. Most zones can only grow this plant as an annual, but bringing purple fountain grass inside can save it for another season.

  • What does fountain grass look like in fall?

  • Because the autumn seed heads of this plant are so attractive, purple fountain grass, like maiden grass, is very useful in fall flower gardens. The feathery seed heads (or plumes) can later be cut for dried flower arrangements. Purple fountain grass also looks wonderful with contrasting yellow flowers.

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