does grass photosynthesis

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  • How do grasses conduct photosynthesis?

  • When grass absorbs the light energy, the chlorophyll molecule goes into a high energy state, providing chemical energy for plant metabolism. Although both cool and warm season grasses conduct photosynthesis, it is how they do it that makes them different. You won鈥檛 think about your lawn in the same way.

  • How does grass produce oxygen?

  • Grass takes carbon dioxide from the air and produces oxygen through photosynthesis. A healthy green lawn is very efficient at producing oxygen, and a 50ft2 lawn will create enough to meet the oxygen needs of a family of four every year.

  • What does photosynthesis have to do with lawn care?

  • You are probably wondering how photosynthesis can have anything to do with lawn care. It can actually shed some light on how and why plants grow and will simplify your approach to lawn care. Photosynthesis is the process by which plants produce the food they need for daily function. The food they create is called carbohydrates.

  • What makes grasses different from each other?

  • What makes them different is their photosynthetic system. Each grass type has a different system and that affects their growth. The cool season grasses begin the photosynthetic process with a three-carbon compound, while the warm season grasses begin with a four-carbon compound.

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