does mondo grass need a lot of water

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The best way to control Mondo grass is to plant it in the rich soil and protect it from erosion. It is easy to propagate by division, butit needs a lot of wateronce it has established itself. Mondo grass is also tolerant of most soil conditions. The foliage is long-lived and has a clumping habit.

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  • How often should you water mondo grass?

  • After the plants are growing well, you only need to water occasionally, if at all, and that only during hot, dry spells. The best time to plant dwarf mondo grass is in early spring after the last frost. You may plant as late as early fall, however. Just give the plants time to get well-rooted before cold weather.

  • What is mondo grass and should you plant it?

  • What is mondo grass? It is not a true grass, but it does have strappy leaves and a clumping habit. In summer it brightens up the area with lavender or white flowers that develop into glossy black fruit. Growing mondo grass is easy, as the plant withstands neglect in regions where plentiful moisture is naturally available.

  • How does dwarf mondo grass spread?

  • Dwarf mondo grass spreads by extending underground runners. It鈥檚 a slow-growing plant, so it鈥檚 not likely to be invasive. Dwarf mondo grass is often used as a border plant. The clumps of shiny dark green leaves make appealing contrasts with flowering plants.

  • What is super dwarf mondo grass used for?

  • Super dwarf is often found in flower beds and bonsai arrangements. Black mondo grass has a distinctive black foliage that provides a dramatic contrast with lighter colored plants. It is similar in size to regular mondo, with a height of 6-10 inches. It is used in rock gardens or as a border or groundcover.

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