does rye grass grow in summer

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  • Does ryegrass grass grow in summer?

  • Ryegrass is not specific to the summer season. It does better in moderate temperatures and does not tolerate extreme heat or cold. Perennial ryegrass grass grows during the colder months of autumn to spring. In summer, it flourishes in moderate temperatures.

  • Is perennial ryegrass more heat tolerant?

  • Perennial ryegrass is not significantly more heat tolerant than annual ryegrass, because both prefer temperatures of 68 to 77 F and suffer when daytime temperatures exceed 87 F. However, it does not withstand drought as well as annual ryegrass, so gardens susceptible to dry spells benefit more from annual ryegrass.

  • Is winter rye grass the same as winter rye?

  • Further confusing the distinction is that some varieties of rye can survive through cold winters and are grown as a winter cover crop in farm fields and pastures; these varieties are often called winter rye, but they are unrelated to ryegrass and are never used as a turf grass.

  • What type of ryegrass is best for winter overseeding?

  • Perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne) is the preferred choice for winter overseeding in warm climates because it produces a better turf than annual ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum). Annual ryegrass will die in the spring, so it is less likely to compete with the established warm-season turf grass as the weather warms.

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