how big can a grass carp get

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20 pounds

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  • What is a grass carp?

  • Fun Facts: Grass carp is often used as a method to control vegetation and aquatic plant problems for pond owners. In addition, Grass carp has become a very widely targeted trophy fish that many anglers are adapting towards learning to fish for. What do Grass Carp Eat?

  • How many tons of grass carp are produced each year?

  • Over 5 million tons of Grass Carp are produced all over the world every year. This makes the Grass Carp the most farmed fish across the globe. Triploid Grass Carp, a Grass Carp species, is mostly used to control micro-algae in the water. These carp can live up to 20 years, making them a more practical option than herbicides.

  • How big do carp get?

  • People are very curious about how big carp can get and I naturally want to dive into the topic a bit more as well. The answer is. They get BIG. Silver carp get up to 110lb and almost 4 feet long. Crazy right? That鈥檚 nearly 4x the weight of my son at 2 years old. I personally have never caught a fish nearly close to even 80lbs.

  • Do grass carp eat pond plants?

  • The grass carp actually tends to 鈥渕ow鈥?plants, eating them from the top down because of the way its mouth is placed. The grass carp does not tear out aquatic plants by rooting and muddying the water. Grass carp also do not prey upon invertebrates, fish eggs, or small fish; they much prefer water weeds and thin leaved pond weeds.

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