how long does fescue grass live

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40 days

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  • How long does it take for fescue to grow?

  • Soil compaction (or lack thereof) also influences the germination rate in tall fescue. As such, ensure soil pH is between 5.8-6.5 and water once a day to speed up the germination rate. Under optimal conditions, tall fescue may sprout in as fast as 4 days.

  • Can tall fescue be used for lawns?

  • The first group is simply referred to as coarse fescue or field-type tall fescue. These are primarily bred as pasture grass, but can be used in lawns. The other is called turf-type tall fescue and is an improved variety deveoped to have the qualities needed to be a true lawn grass.

  • What is the difference between fescue grasses?

  • Improved cultivars look and grow like other popular lawn grasses, with the added benefit of being heat and drought tolerant. Turf-type tall fescues have a wider leaf blade than fine fescues and are often used in seed blends where a shade loving, slow-growing or drought-resistant turf is desired.

  • Can You Mow a fescue lawn?

  • Once they are given time to grow, most fescue lawns can be mowed when the grass is at four inches. Mowing your fescue lawn allows the fescue clumps to spread among your yard and promote a thick, full yard. When mowing, you should only cut about an inch off.

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