how much does grass hay cost

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Good quality alfalfa will be about $185 a ton (large square bales) Good grass hay will be about$90 a ton(large round bales) Crappy grass hay will run around $65 a ton (that is mainly for cattle though, I wouldn’t feed it to my horse). (large round bales)

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  • How much does a square of hay cost?

  • UWEX keeps up with the weekly hay market demand, as well as what the price report is for the upper Midwest area. In March of 2011, for example, a small square of prime hay was $179 on average, a small grade 1 hay bale is $90 per ton, and a small grade 2 hay bale averaged $62 per ton.

  • How much does a Grade 1 hay bale cost?

  • Grade 1 鈥?A Grade 1 hay bale may cost around $170 per ton. Grade 2 鈥?A Grade 2 hay bale would go from $80 to $170. However, the estimated average price per ton is $118. Grade 3 鈥?An average cost for Grade 3 hay bale per ton would be about $92, $50 being the minimum and $170 being the maximum.

  • How much does alfalfa hay cost for a horse?

  • Let鈥檚 say you want to order a ton of alfalfa hay in bales, each of which weighs 120 pounds and costs $15 per pound. Here is how to find out your expenses: A ton / bale weight x bale price = 2,000 lbs. / 120 lbs. x $15 = about $250 for a ton of hay. Now, if you want to store enough alfalfa for one horse to eat the whole year, you will pay:

  • How much does Hay cost in Arizona?

  • If you want hay to contain alfalfa or Bermuda grass, then it will be more expensive. On average, you can expect to pay between $10 and $18 for alfalfa and between $14 and $20 for Bermuda grass hay in Arizona. At Conway Feed, alfalfa hay is available for $10-13.50 and Bermuda grass hay for $15.

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