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Depending on where you live,what your climate generally is like,and what the specific variety of grass seed that you use is,you should usually plan on sowing at least2-3 pounds of grass seed for every 1,000 square feet;generally no more than five pounds although there are some exceptions.

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  • How much grass seed do I need per square meter?

  • If you are sowing a new lawn from scratch, spread your grass seed at a rate of 35g per square meter. For overseeding an existing lawn, spread your seed at 25g per square meter. How to Work Out How Much Seed You Need For a Square or Rectangle Lawn. Area = length x width. Working out the area of a square or rectangular lawn is dead simple.

  • How do you calculate the amount of grass seed for overseeding?

  • 50 (the area of your lawn) x 35 (the recommended application rate for sowing a new lawn) = 1,750 grams of grass seed. For overseeding, just change the application rate to 25 grams: 50 (the area of your lawn) x 25 (the recommended application rate for overseeding an existing lawn) = 1,250 grams of grass seed. Area = radius x radius x 3.14

  • How do I calculate my seed rate?

  • Seeding rates can be calculated on a pure live seed (PLS) basis or for % germination. Pure Live Seed is determined by multiplying the % germination by the % purity. Grass Seed Calculator is very easy to use. To calculate how much grass seed you need to cover your area with grass, follow the steps given below:

  • How much Fescue seed do I need to overseed?

  • For instance, the standard seeding rate for tall fescue grass seed is around eight pounds per 1000 square feet. So if you are looking forward to overseeding fescue, you need to sow only four pounds of the seed for every 1000 square feet.

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