how much is mondo grass

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50 cents each!

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  • Where can I buy dwarf mondo grass?

  • Many garden centers have dwarf mondo grass. You can purchase them in stores or online in flats for a couple of dollars for each sprig of dwarf mondo grass. You can plant dwarf mondo grass in almost any well-drained soil type. It does not require much sunlight, water, or fertilizer and attracts few pests.

  • How do you grow mondo grass?

  • Mixing in roughly 2-3 inches of compost will produce the best results. Mondo grass grows well in containers or in garden beds. Soil Type: Planting in slightly acidic soil is best for mondo grass. Planting Depth: Make note of the depth your plant was growing in when in the cell pack and replicate that when transplanted to your garden.

  • How big do mondo grass tufts grow?

  • On average, mondo grass tufts grow around 12鈥?(30 cm) high. Mondo grass is a flowering plant that produces clusters of pale lilac-colored flowers on a spiked stem (raceme). Most varieties of mondo grass鈥?Ophiopogon japonicus and Ophiopogon planiscapus 鈥楴igrescens鈥?鈥攁re not very fast-growing plants.

  • Where does mondo grass grow in Zone 6?

  • It will grow in hardiness zones 6 to 11 and can tolerate full sun, except in the South where filtered sun is a better bet. Buying Dwarf Mondo Grass Dwarf mondo grass is generally bought in the form of live plants. Gardeners report that it is hard to get commercially supplied seeds to germinate.

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