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  • How big do mondo grass plants get?

  • Mondo grass (Ophiopogon Japonicus) 鈥?The standard and most common mondo grass variety, this plant averages around 6 to 10 inches high and can reach 15 inches across. In summer, stalks of tiny, bell-shaped lavender flowers rise from its deep green leaves and produce a faint, sweet scent.

  • What is dwarf mondo grass used for?

  • Dwarf mondo grass is often used as a border plant. The clumps of shiny dark green leaves make appealing contrasts with flowering plants. It can also be used in rock gardens as a groundcover where mass plantings end, replacing turf grass.

  • Can you plant mondo grass in the fall?

  • After the plants are growing well, you only need to water occasionally, if at all, and that only during hot, dry spells. The best time to plant dwarf mondo grass is in early spring after the last frost. You may plant as late as early fall, however.

  • Is mondo grass the same as Liriope?

  • Mondo grass (Ophiopogon genus) is often confused with Liriope (Liriope genus) because plants in the two groups are so similar in appearance and growth habits. The common names 鈥渕onkey grass鈥?and 鈥渓ilyturf鈥?are used for plants in both genera. To make sure you get the plant you want, always check the Latin botanical name.

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