how much wheat straw to cover grass seed

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Good coverage is usually around2-3000 lbs per acrewith straw. Using 40 lb bales one should cover an acre with approx 50 bales as a minimum coverage and 75 bales will give you 3000 lbs per acre. Prepare the ground carefully. Rake the soil to an even level throughout. Pregerminate the grass seed.

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  • How much straw do I need to plant grass seed?

  • For improved grass seed germination, ensure that the layer of straw that you apply over your newly-seeded lawn is no more than three inches thick. Usually, a single bale of straw should be enough to lightly cover about 1000 square feet of lawn area.

  • Can you put wheat straw on your lawn?

  • Putting Wheat Straw on Your Lawn. When you’re trying to establish a new lawn or fill in large bare spots in an existing lawn, you can use wheat straw to cover the seeded areas and act as a layer of mulch. Finding the right coverage balance is key to the success of your seeds, and it can save you time later when the grass peeks through the straw.

  • How many bales does it take to cover grass seed?

  • But you are concerned about how many bales it will take to cover grass seed. While the amount of straw you use will depend upon the size of your lawn, as well as how thickly you want to cover the seed, these days I see a lot of people recommending that you can use approximately 1 bale of straw per every 100-300 square feet.

  • Should I Cover my newly-seeded lawn with straw mulching?

  • Another reason to cover your newly-seeded lawn with straw mulching is to prevent the grass seeds from damage due to excessive exposure to sunlight. Straw also acts as a visual screen to discourage birds and other small animals from digging holes feeding on the newly-planted grass seeds.

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