how often to apply grass seed

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Depending on your lawn, you can fertilize up toonce every four or five weeksif using synthetic fertilizers. If you have a slow-release organic fertilizer, you can space out the applications for eight to 10 weeks. Avoid fertilizing in the peak temperatures of the summer.

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  • How often should I fertilize my new grass seed?

  • When to Fertilize: Wait a few months until spring starts to kick in, from March on you can use a spring-summer fertilizer to promote the growth of your new lawn once temperatures begin to rise. After this routinely feed your lawn every 4-6 weeks. How Often to Fertilize New Grass

  • How often do you water grass seed after mowing?

  • Water frequently to keep the seeds moist (don’t saturate). Cut watering back to once a day when the grass reaches about 1 inch in height. Mow when the grass reaches 2-1/2 to 3 inches. After you’ve mown three times, use a regular watering schedule of 1 inch per week.

  • What is the best time of year to plant grass seed?

  • Seed in early spring or early fall. Fertilize in early spring (after a mild winter) or late spring (after a cold winter), late summer and fall. Add small amounts of a shade-tolerant grass (such as fine fescue) or a wear-resistant grass (such as perennial ryegrass) to enhance a bluegrass lawn.

  • How often should you apply weed and feed to your lawn?

  • Now, if your lawn is infested badly by weeds, then applying weed and feed every 6 weeks will help. These are the tips on when to apply weed and feed to ensure that you will effectively eliminate the weeds on your lawn.

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