how tall does karl foerster grass get

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4 feet

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  • What does Karl Foerster grass look like?

  • Karl Foerster Grass is clump forming and works well in mass plantings. The blades of this ornamental grass are about the size of a pencil in width. A mature Karl Forester grass plant will reach approximately 4 feet tall from the bottom of the plant to the top of the flower. Flowers of the Karl Forester Grass consist of a feather-like look.

  • How do you grow Karl Foerster feather grass?

  • You may also try growing Karl Foerster grass in low moisture areas but provide supplemental irrigation. This is a tough plant that can even thrive in tough clay soil. Karl Foerster feather grass can grow in either partial or full sun. Divide plants every 3 years in spring for best appearance.

  • How tall do Karl Foerster trees grow?

  • One of the distinguishing and highly regarded features of ‘Karl Foerster’ compared to other varieties is its narrow and upright growth. At only 18 inches wide and up to 5 feet tall, a grouping creates a dramatic vertical element in gardens. The plant is fully deciduous in cold winter areas, but semi-evergreen in mild winter climates.

  • How tall does Foerster feather grass grow?

  • Some tips on how to grow Foerster feather grass will have you on your way to enjoying this versatile plant in your garden. Named after Karl Foerster, a lifelong nurseryman, writer, and photographer, this feather reed grass grows 5 to 6 feet (1.5 to 2 m.) tall.

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