how to care for dwarf mondo grass

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Trimming. Trimming is another area where dwarf mondo grass gets a pass most of the time. Winters in colder climates may leave plants with some brown leaves.Mowing. Some gardeners mow dwarf mondo grass in the spring,using the highest setting on the lawnmower. …Insect Problems. Dwarf mondo grass has few natural enemies. Deer don鈥檛 care for it. Snails and slugs can sometimes be an issue,and fungus may attack during long wet spells.Herbicides to Avoid. Some broadcast herbicides such as sethoxydim and clethodim can destroy grassy weeds without harming the dwarf mondo grass 鈥?it鈥檚 not a grass but a member of …

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  • How do you care for mini mondo grass?

  • Mini mondo grass should grow in well-draining soil that retains some moisture. Dwarf mondo grass is tolerant of full sun and grows well in partial shade. Hold off watering during the winter to prevent the roots from rotting. To care for dwarf mondo grass as a lawn grass alternative, mow the grass once a year in early spring or late winter.

  • Can you plant dwarf mondo grass in soil?

  • You can plant dwarf mondo grass in almost any well-drained soil type. It does not require much sunlight, water, or fertilizer and attracts few pests. It does not do well with a lot of foot traffic, however.

  • Can you walk on Mondo grass?

  • If you want to plant dwarf mondo grass, then leave between 2鈥?and 4鈥?(5 鈥?10 cm) between the tufts. Mondo grass is also ideal for evergreen ground cover in mixed beds, along borders, perennial edging, planting under shrubs, or adding greenery to gravel gardens. It鈥檚 fine to occasionally walk on mondo grass鈥攂oth the regular and dwarf varieties.

  • How do you propagate mondo grass?

  • Like all varieties of mondo grass, the dwarf cultivar is also relatively resistant to short drought periods. To propagate dwarf mondo grass, divide the clumps of blades. Dig up some well-established dwarf mondo tufts and cut the small plant into two or three pieces.

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