how to cut grass with a sickle

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With one hand you grasp the tall grass and pull it taut. You place the sickle blade at the base of the grass and with a slicing motion you sever the grass. Since some force is exerted pulling the sickle toward you and it can come quickly swinging clear, you should keep limbs well out of the way of its path.

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  • How do you cut hay with a sickle?

  • The sickle motion cuts like a scissors, and the faster you go, the sloppier the cut will be to the point of missing whole swaths of hay. Take your time and let the blades do the work.

  • How to cut long grass without killing it?

  • Step 1. Start by cutting long grass with a strimmer or weed eater: you can use a strong .080 or .0.95 trimmer line or blade trimmer before finally mowing your grass. Cut down a fraction of the grass (one-third). Step 2. Once you鈥檝e removed the top layer of the grass, use the trimmer again a couple of days later for the second round.

  • How do you use a scythe to cut grass?

  • Using the muscles in your hips and thighs, start by swinging the blade with a back-and-forth motion and work your way through the grass. For best results, hold the cutting edge of the scythe parallel to the ground. This tool is ideal for cutting the grass up to 2 feet tall.

  • What can you do with a sickle tool?

  • A sickle is used in short sweeping motions to clear grass and weeds close to the ground as if you鈥檙e trying to throw a skimming pebble across a pond. You can also cut away branches by using a downward chopping motion.

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