how to dig out ornamental grasses

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To dig out the clump of ornamental grass roots, you will need astrong, sturdy shovel with a sharp cutting edge. You also might want to have a pick (mattock) or an axe on hand as well, as they can make dividing and lifting out extremely large root balls a bit easier.

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  • Can you dig up ornamental grasses?

  • Established ornamental grasses can have large, complex root systems. This makes digging them up a difficult process to complete successfully. Firstly, cut the ornamental grass down to about 2 inches above the ground. This allows you to clearly see the plant鈥檚 spread.

  • How do you get rid of ornamental grass?

  • This technique allows you to take up ornamental grass in large clumps. If you find that the ornamental grass is hard to dig up, try drenching the roots with water. This softens the roots, and the surrounding ground, making it easier to manipulate and dig up the root system. Dispose of invasive ornamental grasses in accordance with local laws.

  • How do you divide ornamental grasses?

  • Over time, the center of a clump of ornamental grass naturally begins to thin out or die, taking away from the overall appearance of the grass. To prevent or address this center die-off, dig up and divide the grass into sections every few years. Divide warm-season grasses in late winter and cool-season grasses in early fall.

  • How to get rid of grass without digging it up?

  • Once you can clearly see the plant, force a shovel into the ground beneath it. Make sure that the shovel is completely underneath the plant鈥檚 root system. Then pull the shovel up, scooping out the grass.

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