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Plant and cover your grass seeds 鈥?The trick to planting grass seed is to do so evenly. For small patches, you can do it by hand, but for larger areas we recommend using a lawn spreader, such as Scotts Elite Spreader ($118.23, Amazon), for even distribution. Follow the packet instructions for the amount of seeds per area to sew.

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  • How to plant grass seed in your lawn?

  • When the seeds have been buried, go over the area with the lawn roller again to gently pack down the soil. This will ensure the seeds are firmly planted in the soil, and prevent them from blowing away. The roller only needs to be one-fourth full to provide enough weight to pack the seeds. Add a layer of mulch.

  • What are the steps in seeding a lawn?

  • In order to enjoy successful grass establishment and all the benefits seeding offers, follow these eight steps to grow a lush, inviting green lawn: Choose the Right Time of Year. Prepare the Site. Prepare the Soil. Choose the Best Seed. Plant the Seed. Water Appropriately. Monitor Seed Establishment.

  • How do you keep grass seed from getting soggy?

  • Water Appropriately. Keeping grass seeds and seedlings constantly moist but not soggy is critical to successful grass-seeding efforts. Water newly seeded areas two to three times a day with a light spray to keep the seeds moist. Stop watering when puddles begin to appear on the soil surface.

  • How to plant grass seed in high winds?

  • Before you can sow the grass seeds, you need to pack down the soil a little so the seeds and soil won鈥檛 just blow away in the wind. Go over the entire area with a weighted lawn roller.

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