how to figure out what kind of grass i have

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The best way to determine which type of grass you have is tolook at the youngest leaves in your lawn. Find a patch that hasn鈥檛 yet grown into maturity, and look at the center of the shoot. Magnifying glasses may be required.

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  • How to identify the type of grass?

  • How to Identify Your Lawn Grass 1 Know Your Grass Growing Region. Your location provides the first clue to your grass type. … 2 Observe Lawn Grass Features. … 3 Identify Common Cool-Season Lawn Grasses. … 4 Identify Common Warm-Season Lawn Grasses. …

  • How do I choose the best grass for my lawn?

  • One way to help your lawn flourish is by choosing a grass that grows well in your region. Cool-season grasses thrive in areas where spring and fall temperatures round out at 60 to 75F. Warm-season grasses have a hard time braving the cold, so they鈥檙e best suited for areas where summertime temps are 80F or higher.

  • How many types of grass are there?

  • With this in mind, it鈥檚 important to note that there are two main grass types: cool-season grass and warm-season grass. Here鈥檚 how the United States National Arboretum categorizes each type of grass:

  • What type of grass is growing in my yard?

  • Knowing your plant hardiness zone can help you narrow down grass types and pinpoint the type that鈥檚 growing in your yard. In warmer regions, look for these characteristics: Bermudagrass (Zones 7-10): A fine-textured, durable grass with tiny hairs on its leaves. Zoysiagrass (Zones 5-10): A thick, wear-resistant grass that feels stiff to the touch.

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